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One-Hour Indicator

Aegis Product
Image of Aegis in use
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Aegis in use
Aegis over time

Aegis One-Hour Indicator provides a clear visual indicator and peel-off label as a reminder of the one-hour time constraint to help nursing and reprocessing staff comply with the endoscope manufacturer's reprocessing requirements.

The Aegis One-Hour Indicator is designed to adhere to CinchPad™ and other systems used to transport contaminated endoscopes. The peelable label can help users to conveniently track and document endoscope reprocessing timelines.


Step-by-step Process

See how the Aegis One-Hour Indicator's easy-to-peel label may provide workflow efficiencies to track and document the endoscope reprocessing timelines. 

Industry Information

For more information on delayed reprocessing, please see Olympus’s letter dated January 31, 2018, “RE: Information Regarding the Procedure for Performing a Presoak in Detergent Solution for Cases of Delayed Reprocessing and Excessive Bleeding” at
From Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Standards of Infection Prevention in Reprocessing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes, 2018:
A process must be in place to record the procedure end time and the manual cleaning start time. This process will allow personnel to determine whether routine reprocessing within the manufacturer’s recommended time frame is achievable and, if not, to implement the manufacturer’s procedures for delayed reprocessing (CDC, 2017). Reprocessing personnel must refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for delayed re-cleaning and reprocessing. 

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Aegis™ One-Hour Indicator

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