Resolution 360™ Clip

Resolution 360™ Clip
The Resolution 360™ Clip’s innovative design enables the physician or nurse/technician to provide controlled clip placement designed for procedural efficiency and accuracy. 
Resolution 360™ Clip unique catheter design enables one to one controlled clip placement at the biopsy cap
Resolution 360™ Clip innovative rotation mechanism and handle design allows for ability to maintain hand in hand while rotating to preserve clip positioning for deployment.

Resolution 360 Clip builds on the strong clinical and economic track record established by Resolution Clip. The Resolution 360 Clip has controlled clip placement and 1:1 rotation designed to enable faster and more accurate placement.

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Product Details

The Resolution 360™ Clip is designed to provide procedural efficiency and accuracy.

Unique Braided Catheter 

Enables 1 to 1, controlled clip placement in tortuous anatomy and provides the ability for the physician to rotate the clip at the biopsy cap on the scope

Rotation Control Knob 

Allows for 1 to 1, nurse/technician controlled rotation and the ability to maintain hand in handle while rotating to preserve clip positioning for deployment

Clinically Proven Clip

With a strong clinical and economic track record established by Resolution™ Clip

New Ergonomic Handle 

Designed with same tactile and deployment feedback as Resolution™ Clip

No Sheath

Allows for fewer setup steps

Ordering Information

Resolution 360™ Clip

Magnetic Resonance (MR) Conditional

Resolution Clip
Order Number GTIN Working Length (cm) Minimum Working Channel (mm) Clip Opening (mm) Packaging
M00521240 08714729875666 155 2.8 11 Each
M00521241 08714729875673 155 2.8 11 Box 10
M00521242 08714729875680 155 2.8 11 Box 20
M00521230 08714729875628 235 2.8 11 Each
M00521231 08714729875635 235 2.8 11 Box 10
M00521232 08714729875642 235 2.8 11 Box 20
M00521233 08714729875659 235 2.8 11 Box 40



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