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EndoVive™ Low Profile Button

Replacement Gastrostomy Tube Kit

The EndoVive Low Profile Button design may help reduce the risk of accidental pull-out. The low profile design and flexibility at the skin level may help support patient comfort and discretion.



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Ordering Information

Low Profile Button
GTINOrder NumberDescriptionLength (cm)
08714729284017M0056276018Fr Low Profile Button1.2Each
08714729142201M0056277018Fr Low Profile Button1.7Each
08714729284024M0056278018Fr Low Profile Button2.4Each
08714729284031M0056279018Fr Low Profile Button3.4Each
08714729284048M0056280018Fr Low Profile Button4.4Each
08714729284062M0056282024Fr Low Profile Button1.7Each
08714729142218M0056283024Fr Low Profile Button2.4Each
08714729284079M0056284024Fr Low Profile Button3.4Each
08714729284086M0056285024Fr Low Profile Button4.4Each
One-Step Button™ and Low Profile Button Accessories
GTINOrder NumberDescriptionLength (cm)
08714729166443M0058040118Fr Decompression Tube1.2Box 10
08714729166450M0058041118Fr Decompression Tube1.7Box 10
08714729166467M0058042118Fr Decompression Tube2.4Box 10
08714729166474M0058043118Fr Decompression Tube3.4Box 10
08714729166481M0058044118Fr Decompression Tube4.4Box 10
08714729166504M0058046124Fr Decompression Tube1.7Box 10
08714729166511M0058047124Fr Decompression Tube2.4Box 10
08714729339649M0058048124Fr Decompression Tube3.4Box 10
08714729166535M0058049124Fr Decompression Tube4.4Box 10
08714729142232M0058017118Fr Bolus Straight Feeding AdapterBox 10
08714729142249M0058018118Fr Continuous Right Angle Feeding AdapterBox 10
08714729166405M0058023124Fr Bolus Straight Feeding AdapterBox 10
08714729166412M0058024124Fr Continuous Right Angle Feeding AdapterBox 10



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