Subcutaneous Implantable Defibrillator

Leading the Charge - Introducing the S-ICD podcast series

Season 1: Host Wyatt Stahl reviews S-ICD's clinical evidence, contextualizes the data, and speaks with principal investigators of the PRAETORIAN and UNTOUCHED Trials.

Episode 1: Under My Skin

S-ICD technology is a breakthrough for implantable cardiac devices, but it's just the latest step in more than 30 years of ICD progress. Host Wyatt Stahl remembers just how far we've come.


Episode 2: The PRAETORIAN Trial

Does S-ICD really stack up against TV-ICD? That was the question posed by the PRAETORIAN Trial, and the answer might surprise you.


Episode 3: Thanks for your Patients

Host Wyatt Stahl takes on the lingering assumption that S-ICD technology is only a niche therapy.


Episode 4: An UNTOUCHED Legacy

The UNTOUCHED study set out to evaluate the IAS rate for S-ICD in a more typical ICD patient population, using standardized programming and enhanced discrimination algorithms. To understand the results, you must know how Nelson Rockefeller died.


Episode 5: Practice Makes Progress

If you’re wondering when the right time to implement S-ICD into your practice is, you might be asking the wrong question.


Episode 6: The Pace of Tomorrow

What does the future hold for S-ICD? When it comes to innovation, the path isn’t always clear. But that doesn’t mean we won’t keep moving forward.

EMBLEM™ MRI S-ICD System Indications, Safety, and Warnings