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Subcutaneous Implantable Defibrillator

Expert Videos

Hear physician perspectives on a variety of EMBLEM MRI S-ICD topics, including patient selection criteria, choice of anesthesia, replacement best practices and more.
S-ICD replacement: Improving Outcomes

S-ICD Replacement: Improving Outcomes

Andrea Droghetti, MD presents the best practices for performing an S-ICD replacement procedure from a subcutaneous or intermuscular position.


S-ICD vs. TV-ICD: What’s Ideal for Your Patients?

Dr. Jeanne Poole reviews several case studies and walks you through the decision-making process for choosing the right ICD for your patients.

Choice of Anesthesia for S-ICD Patients

Choice of Anesthesia for S-ICD Implants

Several physicians share their perspectives on choosing the best approach to anesthesia for S-ICD implant procedures.


Patient age and S-ICD

Patient Age and S-ICD

Saumya Sharma, MD shares his perspective on how patient age may impact S-ICD selection in this quick video.


Intermuscular Implant Technique for S-ICD

Intermuscular Implant Technique for S-ICD

In this video, Professor Joachim Winter, MD, PhD describes the intermuscular technique for implanting the S-ICD and discusses patient considerations and the clinical and cosmetic benefits of the technique.

Training & Education

Explore continuing education courses, best practices modules and other training and resources for S-ICD.


why sicd

Why S-ICD?

See how S-ICD helps protect patients at risk for sudden cardiac death while also eliminating the risk of TV-ICD lead complications.

Implant Procedure

Implant Procedure

Learn about advancements in the S-ICD implant procedure, including the 2-incision and intermuscular implant techniques.

Clinical Data

Clinical Data

Explore clinical outcomes and learn about the first prospective, randomized, non-inferiority clinical trial comparing S-ICD to TV-ICD