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Precision in Hand

Vercise™ Neural Navigator 4 Programming Software offers a streamlined approach to personalized Deep Brain Stimulation programming.
Vercise Neural Navigator 4 platform video.

Precision in Sight

Image Guided Programming with Vercise™ DBS Systems
Boston Scientific’s Vercise DBS Systems now with Image-guided programming.

See the DBS lead in each patient’s specific anatomy to inform DBS patient programming. Customize therapy to match each patient’s needs.

Designed for Personalized DBS Programming

The Vercise Neural Navigator 4 platform features secure, wireless Bluetooth® communication, intuitive directional steering controls, visualization of stimulation field modeling and insightful clinical effect annotations.
Screenshot of controls in Vercise Neural Navigator 4 Programming Software.

Intuitive controls 

Stimulation controls designed to simplify directional DBS programming and therapy personalization.

Screenshot of Contact Selector in Vercise Neural Navigator 4 Programming Software.
Increased efficiency

Contact Selector makes it easy to adjust stimulation to desired level and direction.
Screenshot of reference head in Vercise Neural Navigator 4 Programming Software.
Clear guidance

Reference head allows for quick orientation of patient anatomy and stimulation.

Connectivity and Capabilities

No need to limit patient therapy; give yourself unlimited options to tailor therapy to each patient’s unique symptoms.

Precisely stimulate and refine directional stimulation in both monopolar and bipolar settings with the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional lead.

Vercise Neural Navigator 4 features Bluetooth® connectivity for unhindered DBS programming. A Clinical Effects Map allows for seamless therapy annotations. Multiple programming capabilities, such as low pulse width, multi-frequency, directional bipolar and monopolar anodic stimulation, and stimulation-on steering give you options to manage your patients’ needs.
Screenshot of Vercise Neural Navigator 4 Programming Software interface with visualization of DBS lead.

Beamsearch Methodology1

Increase your opportunities to personalize therapy and best manage your patient’s symptoms. Our Beamsearch methodology allows you to use stimulation-on steering and the intuitive Vercise Neural Navigator 4 programming platform to efficiently assess electrode configurations which may be overlooked.
Vercise Neural Navigator 4 platform with Beamsearch methodology video.

Find Optimal Level

Evaluate changes in the type and magnitude of clinical response while steering current along the length of the lead.

Find Optimal Direction

Evaluate changes in the type and magnitude of clinical response while steering current around the lead, at the previously defined optimal level.

Find Optimal Amplitude Setting

Assess therapeutic window at this best level and direction, and select an amplitude that provides the best therapeutic effect while minimizing side effects.


Remote programming support with Heart Connect™

With Heart Connect, programming support is only a click away. This remote support software installed on the Vercise™ clinician programmer (CP), allows users to receive or offer on-demand programming support while apart.
Heart Connect programming support software video.

Icon of Vercise Genus DBS System directional lead and standard lead.

Precision Delivered

The Vercise Genus DBS System features directional and standard leads powered by Cartesia 3D*.

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Vercise Cartesia™ Directional Lead

Icon of Vercise Genus DBS System R16 IPG, Vercise Genus DBS System P8 IPG and Vercise Genus DBS System P16 IPG.

Precision Made Personal

All of the system’s IPGs are full-body
MR Conditional** and powered by Cartesia 3D directional programming.

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Icon of bar graph increasing and arrow pointing up and to the right.

Clinical Excellence

The Vercise DBS systems are supported by dozens of studies with hundreds of patients showing clinical benefits to patients globally.

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