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Clinical Excellence

Vercise™ DBS systems are supported by dozens of studies with hundreds of patients showing the clinical benefits that the systems provide to patients globally.
Vercise DBS System robust clinical data video.

Key DBS Study Findings

The INTREPID study, the first multi-center, prospective, double blinded, randomized, sham-controlled trial for deep brain stimulation, demonstrated at patients’ one-year follow-up:
Clock icon representing 6 hours.
improvement in on-time1 without troublesome dyskinesia
Circle icon representing 51%.
improvement in UPDRS III scores1
Circle icon representing 34%.
improvement in quality of life1
Circle icon representing 41%.
of programs used more than one contact1
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Icon of figures representing 92%.
Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) and directionality Yielded Optimal Stimulation Settings in 92% of Patients.2

Anodic Stimulation

Blue plus symbol in gray circle.
Vercise DBS offers unique anodic stimulation capabilities that are demonstrated to improve efficacy and side effect threshold3.

Therapeutic Window

Circle icon representing 65%.
larger therapeutic window4 enabled with low pulse width settings combined with Cartesia 3D*

Icon of Vercise Genus DBS System directional lead and standard lead.

Precision Delivered

The Vercise Genus DBS System features directional and standard leads powered by Cartesia 3D.

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Icon of Vercise Genus DBS System R16 IPG, Vercise Genus DBS System P8 IPG and Vercise Genus DBS System P16 IPG.

Precision Made Personal

All of the system’s IPGs are full-body MR Conditional** and powered by Cartesia 3D directional programming.

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Precision in Hand

Personalize DBS programming with wireless Bluetooth® communication, intuitive directional steering controls and insightful clinical effect annotations.

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