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DBS Therapy Without Compromise

Every person is unique, so we created a DBS system that’s uniquely customizable for every patient. Vercise Genus offers single channel and dual channel, rechargeable and non-rechargeable, implantable pulse generators, powered by Cartesia 3D.

The Vercise Genus DBS IPGs are full-body MR Conditional*, providing flexibility for the future. Bluetooth® connectivity provides greater data transfer speed, longer telemetry and unencumbered programming.

All Vercise Genus DBS System IPGs are powered by Cartesia 3D. Cartesia 3D is the suite of directional programming capabilities produced by combining the power of Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) with the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional Lead.

This empowers you to accurately target and precisely control stimulation independent of impedance changes.

With Cartesia 3D, precisely shape and steer stimulation where it’s needed most and leverage more programming flexibility to help manage a patient’s ever evolving needs.

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Front and side view of Vercise Genus DBS System R16 IPG.

Rechargeable IPGs

Minimize the inconvenience and potential risks to patients that come with DBS IPG replacement surgeries. Choose from our rechargeable IPGs, which are warrantied to last at least 15 years** with no hard shut off.

Front and side view of Vercise Genus DBS System P16 IPG.

Non-rechargeable IPGs

Choose from the thinnest non-rechargeable IPGs:
Our dual-channel 16 contact IPG with a 3- to 5-year battery longevity.

Front and side view of Vercise Genus DBS System P8 IPG.
The first and only directional 8-contact, single-channel IPG with a 4- to 7-year battery longevity.

Convenience Meets Comfort

Our patient-centered portfolio prioritizes patients’ preferences and lifestyles. While the IPGs are engineered with durable hardware, they’re also small, thin and contoured to enhance comfort.

The IPGs come equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity for greater data transfer speed, longer telemetry and unencumbered DBS programming. The rechargeable batteries offer a lifespan of at least 15 years to lessen the risks associated with repeat surgeries.

Vercise Genus DBS System Wireless Remote.

Wireless Remote

Intuitive controls and a broad telemetry range simplify the patient experience.

Vercise Genus DBS System Wireless Charging System.

Wireless Charging System

Many patients find that charging the completely wireless system can be completed in as little as one hour a week.1


 Icon of Vercise Genus DBS System directional lead and standard lead.

Precision Delivered

The Vercise Genus DBS System features directional and standard leads powered by Cartesia 3D.

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 Icon of hand touching electronic tablet.

Precision in Hand

Personalize DBS programming with wireless Bluetooth® communication, intuitive directional steering controls and insightful clinical effect annotations.

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Icon of bar graph increasing and arrow pointing up and to the right.

Clinical Excellence

The Vercise™ DBS systems are supported by dozens of studies with hundreds of patients showing clinical benefits to patients globally.

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