Deep Brain Stimulation Systems

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  • Vercise Gevia™ DBS System
    Advancing DBS Therapy

    Next generation rechargeable DBS system compatible with the Vercise Cartesia™ Directional Lead to provide the first and only rechargeable with MICC Directional System2 for DBS with Full-Body MRI access*

  • Vercise™ PC DBS System
    Advancing DBS Therapy

    Compatible with the Vercise Cartesia Directional Lead, Vercise PC provides a thin contoured profile designed for patient comfort. The non rechargeable system offers the only directional primary cell with MICC available.3

  • Vercise™ DBS System
    Accurate Targeting. Precise Control.

    Vercise DBS is engineered for precise neural targeting to customize therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease. The rechargeable system offers unique features including the longest battery life available for DBS therapy and the smallest footprint of any MICC stimulator available.1

    1. Neurological Surgery


A System that includes the Vercise PC or Vercise Gevia IPG and Vercise Cartesia Directional Lead(s) form the Vercise Directional System.
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