Man holding a mobile phone with the myLUX Patient app on the screen.

Setting Up Your
Patient App

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8 Easy Steps to Set Up Your App

The mobile device you received after your procedure contains the myLUX Patient App. Your healthcare team may help set up the app before you leave the clinic. If they ask you to set up the app at home, just follow the easy steps below.

Step 1: Attach Magnet to Mobile Device Case

Yellow adhesive backing on a blue mobile device case.
1A.Use the tab to peel off the adhesive backing from
the back of the mobile device case.
Square magnet on the back of a blue mobile device case.
1B. Place the logo side of the blue magnet on the
adhesive and press firmly.

Step 2: Power on Your Mobile Device

Front of a mobile device with the power button in an orange circle.
2. Press and hold the power key to turn on your
mobile device.

Step 3: Open Your App


Mobile device with the myLUX app icon inside an orange circle.
3. Tap the myLUX Patient app icon to open your app.

Quick Tip

To perform any action on the app screen, just gently and quickly tap the screen with your fingertip. Do not use your fingernail.

Step 4: Complete Setup or Select Language

myLUX Patient app screen showing your monitoring is up to date.
4A. If you see a screen that says “Your monitoring is up to date,” your app is all set up and you’re good to go. 
myLUX Patient app screen showing your language is set to English.
4B. If you see a screen like this and the app is already set to your preferred language, simply tap NEXT and the app will automatically take you to step 6. If you want to change your language, tap CHANGE LANGUAGE and the app will take you to step 5.

Step 5: Change Language Settings

myLUX Patient app language settings screen.
5A. Use the arrows (⇕) to drag your preferred language to the top of the list.
myLUX Patient app language settings screen.
5B. Tap DONE to confirm your preferred language. The screen shown in step 4A will display in the language you selected. Tap NEXT.

Step 6: Continue Setup

myLUX Patient app start setup screen.
6A. Tap START SETUP and follow the instructions on the screen
to accept terms of use and enter patient’s date of birth. 
myLUX Patient app setup screen showing illustration of patient holding the magnet over their heart.
6C. Follow instructions on screen to hold magnet over cardiac monitor and wait for mobile device to vibrate. 
myLUX Patient app setup screen showing message that the app is completing setup.
6E. Wait and do not touch the screen while the app is setting up. 
myLUX Patient app setup screen showing magnet.
6B. Confirm you have access to your magnet
and tap NEXT.
myLUX Patient app setup screen showing pairing request message.
6D. Tap OK to confirm any pairing requests you see on the screen. 

Step 7: Setup Complete

myLUX Patient app screen showing that your setup was successful.
7. When you see a screen that your setup was successful, tap DONE

Step 8: Congrats!

myLUX Patient app main screen showing you your monitoring is up to date.
8. Congratulations. This is your main screen that shows you your monitoring is up to date
Blue abstract background

Need Help?

If you still have questions about using your myLUX Patient app, contact your clinic or give Boston Scientific a call at 1-866-484-3268.

Using Your App

Once your app is all set up, it’s time to learn how to use your app, where to store your mobile device and more.
Icon of a hand touching a mobile device screen.

Don’t Forget!

Your mobile device is not a phone that you can use to make calls, text, or browse the internet, even in an emergency. In case of emergency, be sure to call emergency medical services on your regular phone.

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start

See the myLUX app setup instructions above
and important reminders with our
downloadable patient Quick Start Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

Find answers to common myLUX app
questions, including how to connect to WiFi,
change your language settings and more. 


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