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Insights from Leading Cardiologists

Optimizing IVUS in Clinical Practice

The Heart Expert Series - IVUS Insights

Delve into the world of complex PCI with insights from leading experts on the role of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). Gain an understanding of clinical practice nuances and optimal IVUS utilization straight from the experts themselves.

Clear Evidence - IVUS Guidance Improves Outcomes

During our conversation with Dr. Joo Myung Lee from Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, Korea, he discussed the RENOVATE COMPLEX-PCI Trial, including trial design, patient subset, and the endpoint. Dr. Lee also described stent optimization criteria for OPTIMAL PCI and if it made a difference in long term PCI outcomes.

Unmatched Resolution – Does HD IVUS make a Difference

In this short video, Dr. Ning Guo discusses HD IVUS image quality and how it can affect procedures. She also talks about how often she uses automatic pullback in her clinical practice and the advantages. Dr. Guo finishes out the video by explaining the key parameters for IVUS workflow in her practice at First Affiliated Hospital at Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. 

Keep it Simple - IVUS 123 Workflow

In this video you will hear from Professor Nakazawa Gaku  from Kindai University in Japan. Dr. Gaku describes how fast pullback can enhance the IVUS user experience and how the IVUS 123 workflow benefits image guided PCIs. He also touches on intervascular imaging and how it guides the usage of drug coated balloons (DCB).