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Our Commitment to Patient Care

We understand that you need dependable advanced stent technologies optimized for patient care. You need a trusted partner with over 20 years of investment in clinical research and development and a commitment to the highest standards of quality. Our comprehensive stent portfolio provides reliable solutions you need to treat your patients.

Our Technologies

Advance patient care with an extensive stent portfolio designed to provide functionality and flexibility and meet today’s clinical challenges.
Ultraflex Esophageal NG Stent System

Ultraflex™ Esophageal NG Stent System

Established soft knitted, flexible stent available in proximal release which can aid in stent placement in proximal strictures of the esophagus

Wallflex Esophageal Stent (partially covered)

WallFlexTM Esophageal Stent (partially covered)

Seeks to deliver luminal patency through flexibility and control designed to traverse tight strictures.

WallFlex Esophageal Stent (fully covered)

WallFlexTM Esophageal Stent (fully covered)

Designed to prevent in-growth with reconstrainability and may aid in placement accuracy.


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