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Biliary Transhepatic Stent System


Product Details

Closed-cell, braided design

  • Available in fully-covered, partially-covered and uncovered stent options
  • Closed-cell structure and Permalume™ Covering help resist tissue ingrowth
  • Designed to resist compression from malignant neoplasms
  • Braided design also offers flexibility to conform to tortuous anatomy

Looped and flared stent ends

  • Looped ends designed to reduce tissue trauma
  • Flared ends designed to prevent stent migration

Platinol™ Technology

  • Nitinol provides flexibility and compressive strength
  • Platinum core offers full-length radiopacity

Percutaneous Delivery System

  • Reconstrainable up to 80% of deployment to aid in repositioning
  • Coaxial delivery system assists in smooth delivery and control
  • 75 cm working length, compatible with a 9 F introducer sheath
  • Retrieval loop for endoscopic removal or repositioning during the initial placement procedure in patients that may have an ERCP performed*

WallFlex Transhepatic Size Matrix