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Epic™ Biliary Endoscopic Stent System

Epic™ Biliary Endoscopic Stent System
Image of tantalum radiopaque markers
Image demonstrating flexible design
Image of 220 cm long-wire delivery system
Image showing 6, 8, 10mm diameters
Thumb wheel deployment with auditory indicators and tactile feedback for ease of placement and control, or the optional pull grip
Tantalum radiopaque markers at proximal and distal end of stent
Flexible design to minimize kinking
220 cm long-wire delivery system to aid in enteroscopy-assisted ERCP
6, 8, 10mm diameters, up to 100mm in length

Laser Cut Self-Expanding Metal Stent
The Epic Biliary Endoscopic Stent System was developed to complement our best-in-class braided metal stent portfolio. The Epic Biliary Endoscopic Stent System is indicated for the palliation of malignant neoplasms in the biliary tree. It may be used to palliate strictures caused by unresectable Bile Duct Cholangiocarcinoma. The Epic Biliary Stent was developed for physicians who prefer a laser cut stent.

Product Details

uImage showing Epic™ Biliary Endoscopic Stent System features; Minimal foreshortening, low profile 6Fr Catheter, up to 100mm stent length, tantalum radiopaque markers at distal and proximal end of stent, 220cm catheter

Ordering Information

Schematic illustration of Epic™ Biliary Endoscopic Stent System
Product CodeDescription







Catheter Diameter


Guidewire Diameter



Working Length (cm)

M00572230Epic Biliary Stent64060.035220
M00572240Epic Biliary Stent66060.035220
M00572250Epic Biliary Stent68060.035220
M00572260Epic Biliary Stent610060.035220
M00572270Epic Biliary Stent84060.035220
M00572280Epic Biliary Stent86060.035220
M00572290Epic Biliary Stent88060.035220
M00572300Epic Biliary Stent810060.035220
M00572310Epic Biliary Stent104060.035220
M00572320Epic Biliary Stent106060.035220
M00572330Epic Biliary Stent108060.035220
M00572340Epic Biliary Stent1010060.035220



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