Esophageal Fully & Partially Covered Stent System

The Agile Esophageal Stent System, featuring a through-the-scope delivery system, is intended for maintaining esophageal luminal patency in esophageal strictures caused by intrinsic and/or extrinsic malignant tumors and occlusion of concurrent esophageal fistulas.


Product Details

Gloved physician feeding Agile stent system into scope.

The Agile Esophageal Stent System offers a flexible and conformable self-expanding metal stent on a through the scope delivery system which enables direct visualization during deployment and may help minimize reliance on fluoroscopy.

  • Offering sizing options including a 60mm length and 14mm diameter designed to meet a variety of clinical needs, all size configurations are offered in fully covered and partially covered options.

  • Braided dual gauge nitinol wire provides an implant that is more flexible and conformable, as compared to WallFlexTM*.

  • Tissue In-Growth Prevention—The silicone covering extends the entire length of the Fully Covered Agile Esophageal Stent and is designed to address tumor ingrowth.

Delivery System

Through-the-Scope design

  • Provides direct visualization to aid physicians in stent placement and help minimize fluoroscopic dependence.
  • Designed to offer flexibility and trackability to enhance physician control.

Low profile delivery system

Compatible with a 3.7mm working channel, designed to navigate through tight strictures.

5 radiopaque markers

Markers signal the ends of the stent, the midpoint of the stent, and the point at which the stent can no longer be recaptured, aiding in deployment. The fifth marker at the leading end of the exterior tube indicates how far the stent has been deployed.


In the event that the stent is not exactly where a physician intends it to be, the stent can be reconstrained up to 2x and redeployed.

*Compared to WallFlex™ Esophageal 18mm stent diameter. WallFlex Esophagealis not available in a 14mm stent diameter for direct comparison.

Ordering Information

Agile Esophageal Stent System – Partially Covered
Order Number GTIN




Proximal/Distal Flares O.D. (mm)

Stent Length (mm)

Delivery System Diameter (Fr)

M00517200 08714729972907 14 19 62 10.5
M00517210 08714729972914 14 19 102 10.5
M00517220 08714729972921 14 19 119 10.5
M00517230 08714729972938 14 19 148 10.5
M00517240 08714729972945 18 23 59 10.5
M00517250 08714729972952 18 23 97 10.5
M00517260 08714729982969 18 23 119 10.5
M00572370 08714729972976 18 23 149 10.5
Agile Esophageal Stent System – Fully Covered
Order Number GTIN




Proximal/Distal Flares O.D. (mm)

Stent Length (mm)

Delivery System Diameter (Fr)

M00517400 08714729973027 14 19 62 10.5
M00517410 08714729973034 14 19 102 10.5
M00517420 08714729973041 14 19 119 10.5
M00517430 08714729973058 14 19 148 10.5
M00517440 08714729973065 18 23 59 10.5
M00517450 08714729973072 18 23 97 10.5
M00517460 08714729973089 18 23 119 10.5
M00517470 08714729973096 18 23 149 10.5



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