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Remote Programming and Streamlined Data Management

The LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System features remote programming technology and the new LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System to help you increase efficiencies, enhance clinic workflow and continually improve results—on your terms.

It’s time to put the power in your hands.

Remote Programming

Make Critical Adjustments on Your Schedule

With the LUX-Dx ICM System, you can make programming adjustments remotely to accelerate critical decision making, improve data relevancy and increase efficiencies. Plus, it lets you continually fine-tune these detection parameters remotely:

Rate  /  Threshold  /  Duration  /  Sensitivity  /  Response


How Programming Changes Are Delivered

Diagram showing how remote programming changes made in the LATITUDE Clarity System are delivered to the myLUX Patient app and LUX-Dx ICM device.
dual stage

CARMEL Study Results

This pilot study evaluating the performance of a novel remote programming system for cardiac monitoring found that remote programming has the potential to substantially reduce ICM patient workload.

Distributed with permission from the Heart Rhythm Society.

LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System

Meaningful Information for You.
Maximum Efficiency for Your Team.

Built exclusively for the LUX-Dx ICM, the LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System sends you only the information you need, the way you want to see it.

Clear S-ECGs with advanced zooming and annotating tools help save time and offer confidence in assessing data.
flexible reports
Consolidated, flexible reports put all relevant information in one place for enhanced speed and convenience.
streamlined navigation
Streamlined navigation and interface make data review quick and customizable to fit individual preferences while helping you prioritize your daily tasks.
advanced mobile technology
Advanced mobile technology allows you to manage programming remotely and improves patient compliance for enhanced efficiency and team satisfaction.
full interrogation with alerts
Full interrogation with alerts ​and EMR integration improve efficiency and fit your clinic workflow.
one-way messages
One-way messages to the myLUX Patient app help save time confirming data review and ease patient anxiety.
dual stage

Putting Data to Work for You

See how the LATITUDE Clarity System helps you streamline your workflow and enhance patient care.
Cardiac Monitoring and COVID-19

Cardiac Monitoring and COVID-19

In this engaging session of Rhythm Theater, an electrophysiologist and a device clinic nurse manager share their perspectives about navigating the challenges of managing ICM patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distributed with permission from the Heart Rhythm Society.

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Product Details

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