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True HD Mapping
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Intellanav Catheters

Electrophysiology / RHYTHMIA™ Cardiac Mapping System / INTELLANAV Catheters / INTELLANAV MIFI™ OI Ablation Catheter

Ablate with Accuracy and Precision

The first navigation-enabled catheter with mini electrodes and open irrigation, the INTELLANAV MIFI OI Ablation Catheter combines high-definition mapping, accurate tracking, Total Tip Cooling™ design and unparalleled clarity.

When used with the RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System, INTELLANAV MIFI OI offers the power of HD mapping for greater precision and accuracy.

  • Diagnose with more, high-quality data
  • More precisely target the ablation site
  • Efficiently confirm procedural endpoints
The INTELLANAV MIFI™ OI Ablation Catheter provides navigational accuracy of ≤1 mm.

Unparalleled Clarity

The INTELLANAV MIFI OI Ablation Catheter combines advanced technology through the tip and mini-electrode design to give you unprecedented clarity in electrophysiology procedures.

  • True Tip Location: The unique design of the INTELLANAV MIFI OI Ablation Catheter enables precise identification of the catheter tip location.
  • True Tissue Assessment: A highly localized signal, from the mini-electrodes, allows for distinction between viable and non-viable tissue types with more accuracy over conventional bi-poles.2
  • True Ablation Feedback: The catheter’s unique technology provides more precise ablation EGM information and lesion maturation feedback in tissue compared to bi-polar EGMs.3

Total Tip Cooling Design

  • Internal Cooling: Dual chambers uniformly cool the entire tip internally.
  • Greater Cooling Capacity: Consistently cooler throughout RF delivery than traditional thermocool.4
  • External Washing: Optimized flow pattern actively washes entire tip electrode externally.

Confident Navigation

The INTELLANAV MIFI OI Ablation Catheter offers ≤ 1mm navigational accuracy in RHYTHMIA HDx Mapping System cases for increased accuracy, efficiency and performance. This advanced catheter with mini-electrodes allows visualization of the same high-quality, high-resolution signals on an ablation catheter that you’ve come to expect with INTELLAMAP ORION™, so you can deliver energy with precision and accuracy.

INTELLANAV MIFI™ OI Ablation Catheter
Curve Style and Options

Standard Radius Curve

Standard Radius Curve

Large Radius Curve (K2)

Large Radius Curve (K2)

Assymetric 4 Curve (N4)

Assymetric 4 Curve (N4)
Catheter configurations are illustrative representations only and may not reflect actual performance.
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