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Electrophysiology / RHYTHMIA™ Cardiac Mapping System

RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System

Built from the ground up for high-definition cardiac mapping, the RHYTHMIA HDx Mapping System provides unprecedented mapping to allow you to asses with greater efficiency, deliver targeted therapy and confidently achieve procedural endpoints, even in complex substrates.
The RHYTHMIA HDx mapping system combines density, resolution and automation for unparalleled clarity.

Clinical Proof

Explore clinical data, case studies and physician perspectives about the RHYTHMIA HDxTM cardiac mapping system.
In one study, the RHYTHMIA HDx mapping system generated 16,341 points compared to 2,270 points generated by Carto® 3.5

RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System

RHYTHMIA HDx combines advanced signal-processing hardware, a novel algorithm that can process unlimited data and the INTELLAMAP ORION™ Mapping Catheter to give you unparalleled HD cardiac mapping to tackle the most complex procedures.
The INTELLAMAP ORION High-Resolution Mapping Catheter has eight times smaller electrodes.<sup>4</sup>

INTELLAMAP ORION™ Mapping Catheter

Designed to work with the RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System, INTELLAMAP ORION™ supports industry-defining HD mapping for unprecedented clarity in a range of cases—from simple to the most complex.
The INTELLANAV family of ablation catheters provide tracking accuracy better than 1 mm.3

INTELLANAV™ Ablation Catheters

Built on the BLAZER™ platform, the INTELLANAV™ family of magnetic-enabled ablation catheters is designed to work with the RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System and provide predictable handling and dependable performance.
The LABSYSTEM PRO EP recording system offers four advanced signal tools.

LABSYSTEM™ PRO EP Recording System

LABSYSTEM PRO works with the RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System to help you improve workflow management and access your patients’ EP study data from any location, in or out of the lab.
Close-up of a RHYTHMIA HDx high-definition cardiac map.

Experience RHYTHMIA HDx for Yourself

Join us for an in-person experience to see the clarity the RHYTHMIA HDx cardiac mapping system offers first-hand.
INTELLAMAP ORION high-resolution mapping catheter.

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