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Electrophysiology / RHYTHMIA™ Cardiac Mapping System / RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping / INTELLAMAP ORION™ High-Resolution Mapping Catheter

Clarity for More Precise Localization

Designed to work with the RHYTHMIA HDx™ cardiac mapping system, INTELLAMAP ORION™ is the only mapping catheter engineered specifically to support high-definition mapping for unprecedented resolution and accuracy in even the most complex arrhythmias.1

Precise Localization of Even the Most Complex Arrhythmias

Tip Design

  • 64 low-noise, flat, printed electrodes so you can collect more data more rapidly
  • 3X more electrodes than standard mapping catheters3
  • Unique, Iridium-Oxide (Ir-Ox) coated electrode design for optimal noise performance
  • Variable diameter (3–22 mm) for use in various anatomical structures
  • 8 electrodes distributed across 8 evenly spaced splines

Electrode Size/Spacing

  • A smaller electrode surface area of 0.4 mm2 can provide better near-field signal quality
  • Approximately 8X smaller than the PentaRay™ NAV electrodes2 ;to help you maximize contact, minimize far field and see the clearest map possible4
  • Small electrodes combined with 2.5 mm inter-electrode spacing reveals sharp, high-quality signals for accurate and precise localization of even the most complex arrhythmias

Catheter and Handle Design

  • 8.5 Fr. 180° bidirectional steerability
  • Compatible with most commercially available 8.5F fixed and steerable sheaths
  • Flushing port designed to prevent clot formation
  • Ergonomically designed deployment and steering mechanisms allows catheter manipulation to all structures of the heart
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"The high numbers of electrodes provide comprehensive and accurate electrical information to enable insight into underlying AT mechanisms and activation patterns that have rarely been available in this detail before."5

Schaeffer et al., 2016

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