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Exhibit Space

We may pay for the opportunity to host a designated booth, table, or other space devoted to Boston Scientific and/or Boston Scientific products. Typically, this would involve BSC paying fees for demonstration booths or tabletop displays at events such as an individual hospital symposium, community education event, charitable fundraiser or tradeshow.

We may fund Exhibits whether or not we also provide an Educational Grant for the same program. Exhibit and Educational Grant applications should be submitted, reviewed and approved as two separate requests.

Subsets Within Exhibits

Virtual Exhibits

  • Please be advised that for virtual events, “Exhibits” must provide a dedicated “virtual exhibit booth” or other functionality that allows for BSC to display/provide product information (such as videos or brochures), BSC representative contact information and allows for BSC representatives to interact directly with event attendees in a meaningful way (such as real-time video or chat features, Zoom or similar sessions, post-event reach out to attendees, etc.).

Please email the specific division Grant Coordinators if you have any questions about your submission and/or would like to know how to submit your request

We receive many worthwhile requests. Unfortunately, due to budget limitations, we are unable to fund them all. It is important to note that past funding does not guarantee future approval and that submissions can be approved at an amount less than the requested amount. Do not assume that a request has been approved. Requestors will receive an email notification of approval or denial after the Boston Scientific committee has made its decisions.

The U.S. Physician Payment Sunshine Act requires all pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device manufacturers – like Boston Scientific – to report annually to the U.S. government payments and transfers of value made to U.S. physicians and teaching hospitals. This could include educational and research grants and charitable donations. 
Read additional details about the U.S. Physician Payment Sunshine Act ›

Exhibit Requirements

  1. A completed Boston Scientific Exhibit Request Application using our online tool
    Please note: Apply at least 60 days prior to event start date.
  2. A letter of request on the program provider’s letterhead that includes:
    • Exhibit prospectus, (description of exhibit space), etc.
    • Description of expected conference attendees (e.g., focus group)
  3. Program agenda or brochure
  4. Levels of sponsorship and associated benefits, if applicable
  5. Completed W-9 form (W-9 forms can be found on the IRS website.)

These documents can be uploaded into the online tool.

Please note: We cannot review incomplete applications. A Boston Scientific employee may contact you with questions or if any information is missing.