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The Spectra Penile Implant is an easy-to-use device that’s placed completely inside the body. The device can be positioned spontaneously, so patients can be ready whenever the mood strikes.

How the Spectra Penile Implant Works

The Spectra Penile Implant is a great option for men with limited dexterity. It includes a pair of semi-rigid cylinders placed inside the penis. The cylinders are bendable, so the implant can be manually lifted up for intercourse and manually pushed down when not in use.

Once positioned in place for intercourse, your penis will be stiff and rigid like a natural erection and your erection will last as long as you desire. Typically, ejaculation and sensation will feel similar to how they felt before the implant.1 Your implant will be completely undetectable and no one will know unless you tell them—even in the locker room.


See How Your Implant Works

Watch a demonstration of how to move your Spectra Penile Implant into position when the mood strikes.

Penile Implant Risks

As with any medical procedure, complications can occur. You can find an overview of the risks of a Boston Scientific penile implant below, but individuals are recommended to talk to their doctor about the risks and benefits associated with each device.

Side effects include, but are not limited to: 2

  • Natural or spontaneous erections as well as other interventional treatment options will no longer be possible
  • Infection, in which case the implant may have to be removed
  • Pain, which is typically associated with the healing process
  • Mechanical failure of the implant

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