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AMS 700™
Inflatable Penile Prosthesis with TENACIO™ Pump

It all starts with a squeeze.

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TENACIO: A revolution at your fingertips.

Powering the AMS 700, the re-designed TENACIO™ Pump is purpose-built from the inside out with advanced engineering, and a bold design that aims to impact outcomes and streamline the patient experience.1

computer generated image of pump with transparent outer shell showcasing pump's independent valve system

Engineered to redefine reliability

The TENACIO Pump introduces independent valve systems, which are thoughtfully engineered to maximize reliability across a wider patient profile and address sticky pump.1 The TENACIO Pump:

  • Is designed to enable pump activation regardless of fast or slow squeeze rates.1
  • Was found to have a 27% faster refill rate as compared to the MS Pump™.*1
  • Is designed to maintain consistent performance throughout an expected implant life of 10 years.1

Designed to unlock the feel of confidence.

The TENACIO Pump design is intended to help shorten the patient learning curve and increase satisfaction.1

1. High-profile deflation button initiates automatic deflation with one-press release, even when pressed off-axis.1

2. The elongated neck is designed to distinguish deflation button from the inflation landmarks.1

3. Prominent pump grips provide anchor points and are designed to improve pump control and ease of use.1



The prominent pump bulb grips are intended to facilitate identification and inflation squeeze efficiency.1


Engineered for reliable and efficient inflation, regardless of pumping style.1


High-profile one-press release button provides tactile feedback designed to help users confirm that deflation has started.1