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Furlow Disposable Insertion Tool

Designed with smooth procedures and reducing risks in mind.1-5

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Furlow Disposable Insertion Tool is designed to keep your operating room on track with unmatched control and reduced risks1-5

A next-generation device that builds upon the proven legacy of the original Furlow Insertion Tool, the Furlow Disposable Insertion Tool delivers improved ergonomics, packaged sterility, immediate availability, and single use provides consistent performance for every case.5


Consistent performance every time

image of furlow insertion tool
1. Haptic feedback provides confirmation for needle loading and needle deployment5
2. Smooth shaft with tapered distal tip is designed to streamline insertion and reduce the risk of tissue damage5
3. High-contrast measurement markings with new ½ cm indicators designed to increase visibility5
4. Ergonomic handle & crossbar designed to enhance control5
5. Locking obturator keeps obturator in place and is designed to prevent unintentional separation5


Designed to reduce the risk of contamination1-5

Sterilized during manufacturing, the Furlow Disposable Insertion Tool is designed to remove the potential for improper reprocessing or incomplete sterilization, reducing the risk of contamination-related infection.1–5 Paired with the Furlow Disposable Insertion Tool, our AMS 700™ Inflatable Penile Prosthesis with InhibiZone™ Antibiotic Surface Treatment is designed to give your patients greater confidence. The new Furlow Disposable Insertion Tool is designed to help protect patients — and your hospital too, given the average cost of medical and surgical treatment for an infected IPP is about $35,000.6

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Hear what Dr. Travis Pagliara says

Dr. Pagliara, a urologic surgeon at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, describes his experience with the Boston Scientific Furlow Disposable Insertion Tool in this video.


A difference implanting physicians can feel

Features designed to add comfort, control, and efficiency. The Boston Scientific Furlow Disposable Insertion Tool has been completely redesigned from its reusable alternative.
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