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The fight to solve ED

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Join the fight to solve Erectile Dysfunction

In this five-part, short documentary series, Dr. Samantha Nealon, an early career urologist, examines the connections Prosthetic Urologists form with their Erectile Dysfunction (ED) patients through successful treatment of ED. Learn along with her as she journeys across the country to explore the personal battle men face when trying to understand and solve their erectile dysfunction. Through candid interviews with patients and physicians, she explores the physical and emotional impact of ED. You will gain valuable insight into the hope that comes with current advanced therapies which can restore men to sexual health.     
Hard. The fight to solve ED, a Boston Scientific original series. Still from the video, select play to watch.


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Participating Physicians

Shawn Blick, MD headshot

Shawn Blick, MD

Penile Implant Surgeon & Director of ED Specialists of Arizona

Jonathan Clavell, MD headshot

Jonathan Clavell, MD, FACS

Board Certified Urologist & Men’s Sexual Health Specialist

Abram McBride, MD headshot

Abram McBride, MD

Urologist and Men’s Health Specialist

Arnold Bullock, MD headshot

Arnold D. Bullock, MD

Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Distinguished Professor in Urology
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Samantha Nealon, MD headshot

Samantha Nealon, MD

Genital Urinary Reconstructive Surgery and Prosthetics Fellow

Jaspreet Singh, MD headshot

Jaspreet Singh, DO

Co-director of Urology Dept. of Surgery Montefiore St. Luke’s Hospital



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