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The fight to solve ED

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Join the fight to solve erectile dysfunction

Witness the emotional and physical journey of sexual health restoration through the eyes of real patients and their treating urologists. Join Dr. Samantha Nealon in this five-part educational docuseries as she seeks to better understand the impact of erectile dysfunction (ED) — and the hope that comes with advanced therapies.


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A Good Life

See how soulmates Cliff and Marilyn were blindsided by the physical impact of ED after triumphing over prostate cancer. Learn how Dr. Arnold D. Bullock opened their eyes to an effective therapy option — giving them hope of restoring the vital intimacy they’d lost.

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After several failed treatments, Andy reached a low point. His outlook on life with ED and diabetes was transformed when Dr. Abram McBride introduced the IPP. See how Andy achieved satisfaction and restored intimacy in his marriage — and how Dr. McBride approaches ED treatment for his patients with diabetes.

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Restoring Robert

Solving ED is a process, one that Dr. Jaspreet Singh knows well — and deems priceless in restoring his patients’ confidence and happiness. See his approach to implant surgery, from pre-counseling through the OR, as he chronicles Robert’s path to “the best thing I ever did in my life.”

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No Regrets

Dr. Shawn Blick helped Lawrence finally discover how to overcome isolation-inducing ED. Dr. Blick provided personalized counseling — from the initial appointment through recovery — that was vital to his patient overcoming anxieties and fears about surgery. Lawrence’s only regret? Not connecting with Dr. Blick sooner.

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Desperate for a Cure

Dr. Jonathan Clavell believes that improved emotional health is the biggest benefit of life-changing inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) surgery. In fact, it’s why he got into the field of sexual medicine. See how he helps one patient, Richard, recover emotionally and “add life” to his years — and learn why he’s excited about what the future holds for penile implants.

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See How Leading Urologists Tackle ED

Hear more from peers who are passionate about prosthetic urology. Watch candid conversations that speak to ideas, tools, and tactics that can help educate patients about IPPs.


Participating physicians

Shawn Blick, MD headshot
Shawn Blick, MD
Penile Implant Surgeon & Director of ED Specialists of Arizona
Jonathan Clavell, MD headshot
Jonathan Clavell, MD, FACS
Board Certified Urologist & Men’s Sexual Health Specialist
Abram McBride, MD headshot
Abram McBride, MD
Urologist and Men’s Health Specialist
Arnold Bullock, MD headshot
Arnold D. Bullock, MD
Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Distinguished Professor in Urology
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Samantha Nealon, MD headshot
Samantha Nealon, MD
Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery and Prosthetics Fellow
Jaspreet Singh, MD headshot
Jaspreet Singh, DO
Co-director of Urology Dept. of Surgery
Montefiore St. Luke’s Hospital, New York


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