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Strokes are underdiagnosed.

Many physicians and centers report stroke rates of 1% or less, but true clinical stroke rates are often far higher than recognized and reported.

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Stroke definitions and classifications have changed over time with neuroimaging advances.1-3
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Most studies do not use routine imaging or proactive discharge exam by neurologists.
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Studies using routine discharge exam by neurologists show higher clinical stroke rates.4
1. Mokin, Expert Review Of Neurotherapeutics, 2016;  2. Leon B et al. J Am Coll Cardiol, 2011;57:259-69;  3. Kappetein A et al., European Heart J., 2012;33:2403-18;  4. Messé S, et al., Circulation.2014;129:2253-61.

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Any stroke can be devastating.

Any stroke can devastate your patients and their families. Even minor cognitive events can result in significant negative consequences on their quality of life.

The facts of stroke

The Reality of Stroke

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30-day all-stroke rate with contemporary TAVR devices

  =   mandated per protocol baseline and follow-up evaluation by neurologist.

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The cost of stroke is high.

Any stroke or neurological event can devastate your patient’s quality of life or your program’s economics. Stroke and stroke-related incidents can account for increased hospital costs, longer lengths of stay, and higher readmission rates.

The cost of stroke

Patient Cost

1. SENTINEL IDE Trial. Data presented at SENTINEL Advisory Panel, February 23, 2017.   2. Huded C, presented at TCT 2018
The cost of stroke

Program Cost

 1. Alqahtani F, et al. Clinical and economic burden of acute ischemic stroke following transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Structural Heart. 2018;3(1):72:73.


Perspectives on Cerebral Embolic Protection

Stroke happens
Stroke happens
 6 SENTINEL IDE Trial. Data presented at SENTINEL Advisory Panel, February 23, 2017.



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