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Protected TAVR in Action

Watch as Professor Bernard Prendergast and Professor Simon Redwood protect their patient from a potentially harmful piece of cerebral embolic debris that they captured during a TAVR case at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London.


Seeing is believing

In 99% of procedures, SENTINEL was shown to capture and remove stroke-causing embolic debris.1

Results of using Sentinel


Firsthand observations from
Prof. Jochen Whörle

Hear the impact of cerebral embolic protection described as observed in the largest propensity matched meta-analysis comparison of All-Stroke and mortality.



SENTINEL leads the way in evidence for cerebral embolic protection.

SENTINEL leads the way in clinical evidence for cerebral embolic protection. Multiple clinical studies, including randomized control trials and large real-world studies, show that SENTINEL consistently reduces the risk of stroke in TAVR procedures by approximately 60 - 80%.


Rate reduction graph

1. SENTINEL IDE Trial. Data presented at SENTINEL FDA Advisory Panel, Feb 23, 2017.; 2. Van Mieghem N., TVT 2018 (includes TIA); 3. Stripe, B. PCR LV 2019; 4. Rinaldi, TCT 2018. 5. Chakravarty T., TCT 2018; 6. Seeger J., et al., JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2017.

Fisher exact test; Results from different studies are not directly comparable. Information provided for educational purposes only.





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