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Firsthand observations from
Prof. Jochen Whörle

Hear the impact of cerebral embolic protection described as observed in the largest propensity matched meta-analysis comparison of All-Stroke and mortality.






Seeing is believing

In 99% of procedures, SENTINEL was shown to capture and remove stroke-causing embolic debris.1

Results of using Sentinel


A growing body of evidence

SENTINEL leads the way in clinical evidence for cerebral embolic protection for over 2,600 patients across a randomized trial and multiple registries.


Rate reduction graph

1. SENTINEL IDE Trial. Data presented at SENTINEL FDA Advisory Panel, Feb 23, 2017.; 2. Van Mieghem N., TVT 2018 (includes TIA); 3. Stripe, B. PCR LV 2019; 4. Rinaldi, TCT 2018. 5. Chakravarty T., TCT 2018; 6. Seeger J., et al., JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2017.

Fisher exact test; Results from different studies are not directly comparable. Information provided for educational purposes only.





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