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Every TAVR patient deserves protection.

Heart teams agree - it's worth protecting patients from any degree of stroke and neurocognitive impairment.

What do TAVR Patients Fear Most video thumbnail
What do TAVR Patients Fear Most
Rose Hansen, VCC, and Dr. David Rose, Neurologist, discuss why patients fear stroke more than any other TAVR consequence.
Even Minor Strokes Matter thumbnail
Even Minor Strokes Matter
Neurologist Dr. David Rose sees the devastating effects of stroke every day. Hear him discuss his experience with TAVR and stroke, along with insights from Rose Hansen, VCC.​
Why I Believe in SENTINEL video thumbnail
Why I Believe in SENTINEL™
Dr. Ramon Quesada (IC), Dr. David Rose (neurologist), and Rose Hansen (VCC) tell us why they believe in Protected TAVR™ with SENTINEL.
Low Risk is Still Risk video thumbnail
Low Risk is Still Risk
Dr. Abhijeet Dhoble (IC), Rose Hansen (VCC), and Dr. David Rose (neurologist) share why low risk is still risk.

Cerebral Embolic Protection Webinar

In this webinar, Drs. David Z. Rose and Hemal Gada discuss the subtle neurological deficits caused by TAVR, discrepancies between clinical presentation versus neurological imaging, stroke risk predictors, and more.

Watch now:

  • Full webinar
  • Chapter 1: TAVR-Related Stroke Risk Predictors
  • Chapter 2: Why Subtle Neurological Deficits Matter
  • Chapter 3: The Impact of Stroke
  • Chapter 4: TAVR Costs in an Evolving Landscape
  • Chapter 5: SENTINEL Technology and Clinical Data
  • Chapter 6: The Economics of Stroke and Cerebral Embolic Protection
  • Chapter 7: Q&A with Drs. Hemal Gada & David Rose
Stroke Risk Predictors & Perspectives

CRT Virtual Conference

The final TAVR-focused session of the CRT virtual conference featured several presentations highlighting the ACURATE neo2™ and SENTINEL CPS technologies.

CRT 2021 Live TAVR Case
CRT 2021 Live TAVR Case
Live Protected TAVR™ case performed by Dr. Lars Søndergaard at Copenhagen Medical Center. Panel includes Drs. John Wang (Medstar Union Memorial Hospital) and Mike Rinaldi (Carolinas Medical Center).
Dr. Rinaldi Presents SENTINEL Update at CRT Virtual 2021
Dr. Rinaldi Presents SENTINEL Update at CRT Virtual 2021
Dr. Mike Rinaldi discusses cerebral embolic protection utilization and benefit in an analysis of recent clinical data from his practice at Carolinas Medical Center.
Calcium Burden in Low Risk Patients – Dr. Aloke Finn at Virtual CRT 2021
Calcium Burden in Low Risk Patients - SENTINEL LIR Registry Presentation by Dr. Aloke Finn at Virtual CRT 2021
Dr. Aloke Finn (CV Path Institute) presents findings from the SENTINEL Low and Intermediate Risk (LIR) Registry.


ACURATE neo2 is an investigational device and restricted under federal law to investigational use only. Not available for sale.