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Vercise Genus R32 and R16 rechargeable batteries.

Vercise Genus Rechargeable Batteries

Therapy Without Compromise

Hear from real patients
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10 years on the market and more than 25,000 patients1 implanted, Boston Scientific has a battery you can depend on.

  • Pioneers in Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC)
  • 200 mAh battery
  • At least 15-year battery life2
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • Access to MRI Imaging3
  • Bluetooth© capable
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No two deep brain stimulation (DBS) patients are alike.
The Vercise Genus DBS Systems give you the most therapy options available to offer your patients the personalized DBS therapy they deserve.

  • Up to 33 independently powered contacts
  • Directional bipolar stimulation
  • Anodic stimulation
  • Multipolar stimulation
  • Multiple frequencies
  • Stim-on steering
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The Boston Scientific Vercise DBS Rechargeable Batteries offer patients easy recharging to match their lifestyle. At typical clinical settings, Boston Scientific Vercise DBS Rechargeable Batteries provide 30 days of stimulation between recharging cycles4 and maintain 90% battery capacity at 15 years.5
Vercise Genus R16 and R32 batteries. Designed for 90% (180 mAh) battery capacity at 15 years with nominal settings.

Real Patients Share The Charging Routine That Works Best For Them*

Vercise DBS physician product details

— Peter V., Implanted 2012

“When I was first implanted, I was recharging once every two weeks. It has been 6 years since my surgery, and today I am recharging once every two weeks.”

Vercise DBS physician product details

— Lisa G., Implanted April 2019

“5 minutes [of charging] … twice a week at most. It’s simple as pie.”

Hear From Our Ambassadors In Their Own Words

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Patients can charge in 3 easy steps

 Hand holding charger and pressing power button.

1. Charge the Charger

 Patient placing charger into charging collar.

2. Place the Charger Within the Charging Collar

 Patient adjusting position of charging collar to align with battery.

3. Position the Collar to Align the Charger

Using Your Vercise DBS Charging System: A Quick Start Guide for Patients and Caregivers. Boston Scientific. 92354415-01.
Not meant as a replacement for the Vercise™ DBS Charger Handbook. All information from the Handbook should be well understood before using the charger.



Still not sure your patient is the right fit for a rechargeable battery?
We have options

If your patients prefer a battery that doesn't require charging, the Vercise Genus non-rechargeable batteries feature the same advanced therapy options as the rechargeable batteries.