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At Boston Scientific, we're proud of the battery we developed that powers our DBS System, and we stand behind it 100%. Let's set the record straight about our battery.

The DBS Battery That Lets You Have It All

Vercise DBS physician product details
  • Gives your physician programming options for managing Parkinson's disease as it progresses. 
  • Less risk of repeat surgeries with a rechargeable battery lasting at least 15 years.* 
  • Battery charging as little as once a month1

We Help You Avoid Risky Battery Replacement Surgeries.
Why Does This Matter?

Vercise DBS lead comparison
The infection rate for patients undergoing battery replacement surgery is three times higher when compared to patients undergoing a primary procedure.4

Our Battery Comes With a 15-Year Warranty

The Vercise Gevia DBS battery is warranted for 15 years. Some batteries lose strength over time and require more frequent charging. But the Vercise Gevia DBS battery contains a proprietary lithium ion Zero Volt technology that keeps the battery going strong. In fact, after 15 years of use, our battery is still going strong-operating at 90% of its capacity. That's why we can afford to give it such a powerful warranty.

Real Patients Share The Charging Routine That Works Best For Them**

Vercise DBS physician product details

— Peter V., Implanted 2012

“When I was first implanted, I was re-charging once every two weeks. It has been 6 years since my surgery, and today I am re-charging once every two weeks.”

Vercise DBS physician product details

— Lisa G., Implanted April 2019

“5 minutes [of charging] … twice a week at most. It’s simple as pie.”

At standard settings, the Vercise Gevia DBS typically has to be charged once a month1, but many people prefer to make it a routine to change for an hour a week while watching TV or relaxing.

Infection rate for patients undergoing a
replacement procedure is 3X higher
than a primary procedure4
1 Hour

A week is typically all it takes
to keep your battery charged6

Hear From Our Ambassadors In Their Own Words

Curious How To Charge? It's as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Charge the Charger

2. Place the Charger Within the Charging Collar

3. Position the Collar to Align the Charger

Using Your Vercise DBS Charging System: A Quick Start Guide for Patients and Caregivers. Boston Scientific. 92354415-01.
Not meant as a replacement for the Vercise™ DBS Charger Handbook. All information from the Handbook should be well understood before using the charger.


Still not sure you want a rechargeable battery?
You've got options

If you prefer a battery that doesn't require charging, the Vercise™ PC DBS system also features the same advanced, steerable programming as Vercise Gevia and is the thinnest dual-channel non-rechargeable battery available today.