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Freedom from Complications Caused by the S-ICD at 1 Year Follow-up1

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"Since it performs so well…
my first choice would be
to use an S-ICD."

Lucas V.A. Boersma, MD, PhD, FESC
St. Antonius Hospital | Netherlands
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Weighing the Risks and Benefits

See what researchers discovered about the complication rates and in-hospital outcomes associated with early adoption of S-ICD.
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A Patient Makes the Switch to an S-ICD

After nine years living with a TV-ICD, one of Lindsay’s leads needed to be replaced. Find out how she researched her options and reduced her risks of future complications with the EMBLEM™ S-ICD.
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Expert Perspectives on S-ICD Technology

See what four physicians have to say about their experiences with S-ICD, including patient influence and selection, clinical outcomes, acute/long-term risks and complications, and ICD selection. #subqtalk