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Minute Ventilation

Two front-facing RESONATE HF defibrillator devices

With Heart Failure Patients, An Active Lifestyle Takes Proactive Care
As the only sensor clinically proven to restore chronotropic competence,1 RightRate™ Minute Ventilation is an important tool for optimizing heart failure therapy, helping patients achieve the optimal heart rate for everyday activities and improve Heart Rate Score.2

Minute Ventilation Gets Chronotropic Incompetence Right

For individuals with chronotropic incompetence—nearly 70% of CRT patients3-4—an accelerometer alone isn't enough to keep up with subtle variations in heart rate.2 RightRate Minute Ventilation offers rate-adaptive pacing that actively responds to changes in movement and respiration, factors strongly correlated with heart rate. Its best-in-class sensor technology and widely customizable programming have been shown to restore chronotropic competence and signficantly improve a patient's Heart Rate Score.1–2

The following products feature RightRate Minute Ventilation:


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