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Boston Scientific's most advanced pacemakers are now MR-conditional. ACCOLADE MRI and ESSENTIO MRI models can be used as part of the ImageReady™ MR-Conditional Pacing System for safe and effective scanning in 1.5T and 3T MRI environments when MRI Conditions of Use are met.1

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Indications, Safety and Warnings ImageReady MR-Conditional Pacing Systems MRI Technical Guide Patient MRI Guide Programming Manual for MRI Protection Mode Directions for Use



Product Details

Clinical Benefits Beyond MRI for You and Your Patients.

Automatic Daily Monitoring

ACCOLADE MRI and ESSENTIO MRI Pacemakers feature the LATITUDE™ NXT Patient Management System, which offers wireless remote monitoring for earlier intervention and better patient outcomes.

  • A recent clinical study showed that patients not followed with remote monitoring are at 2X greater risk of death than those who were frequently followed (>75% adherence) using automatic daily monitoring2

Post-Operative System Test (POST)

An automated system evaluation designed to improve clinic workflow and enable greater office efficiency

  • Checks lead impedances
  • Checks intrinsic amplitudes
  • Captures thresholds

Actionable Data*

ACCOLADE MRI Pacemaker provides improved access to actionable data that enables earlier intervention:

  • The new Atrial Arrhythmia Report is now available with ACCOLADE MRI Pacemakers, providing a comprehensive view of your patient’s AT/AF status and information for assessing AF treatment efficacy
  • ACCOLADE MRI Pacemakers carry forward the HF PERSPECTIV™ System, a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools that can provide insight into HF disease progression including Respiratory Rate Trend (RRT) which allows you to measure and track your patient’s respiration; Heart Rate Variability (HRV) footprint; SDANN; Autonomic Balance Monitor and heart rate trend showing long-term maximum, minimum and average heart rate

*Not available with ESSENTIO MRI Pacemakers.
Data provided by the ACCOLADE System is intended to support screening and management of AT/AF but does not diagnose AF.

Respiration-Based Pacing Therapy

Only Boston Scientific pacemakers offer respiration-based pacing therapy which can help to fully restore Chronotropic Competence.3

  • 10-15% of patients coming in for routine treadmill testing have chronotropic incompetence (CI)4
  • 50% of pacemaker patients with Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS) have CI, and 67% of patients with AF have CI5

Mechanical Specifications

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