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Minute Ventilation

Clinical Data

Heart Rate (HR) Score is a simple measurement that can predict survival. It is defined as the height of the tallest atrial histogram bin. Since a broader range of heart rate is typically better for the patient, a lower HR Score is preferred.1

HeartRate Score Comparison
Typical Patient with CI
Histogram of HR Score for typical chronotropic incompetence patient
Typical Patient without CI
Histogram of HR Score for typical chronotropic incompetence patient

RightRate Was Shown to Improve HR Score More Than an Accelerometer Alone2

In an analysis of more than 500 patients, RightRate Minute Ventilation (XL + MV) was associated with a Heart Rate Score reduction of 18% and converted nearly twice as many patients to a HR Score of up to 70% compared to an accelerator alone.

HR Score Improvement
Comparison bar chart of HR Score improvement with RightRate

HR Score Was an Independent Predictor of Mortality1

A LATITUDE™ analysis of almost 68,000 CRT-D patients showed that patients with an HR Score of 70 or greater had a 43% 5-year survival rate, while a HR Score below 30 had a 68% 5-year survival rate across the same period.

Line chart of 5-year survival rate of CI patients with RightRate

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