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Peripheral Thrombectomy Catheter

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ClotHunter Device image.
AngioJet ZelanteDVT designed with single inflow window for torqueable and directional thrombectomy power.
Venous Catheters: ZelanteDVT, Omni, Proxi and AVX.
See how ClotHunter increases the clot removal power of ZelanteDVT
ZelanteDVT paired with ClotHunter Thrombectomy Catheter Enhancement
Single inflow window for torqueable and directional thrombectomy power
Venous Catheters: ZelanteDVT, Omni, Proxi and AVX
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DVT Thrombectomy

ZelanteDVT™ paired with ClotHunter™

The first and only tool if it’s kind, ClotHunter provides physicians with a new way to target thrombus. When it comes to treating deep vein thrombosis (DVT), AngioJet™ ZelanteDVT™ Thrombectomy Catheter provides power and flexibility for rapid thrombus removal and quick restoration of blood flow. Now, it offers even greater potential. For more challenging acute and sub-acute cases, pair ZelanteDVT with the ClotHunter enhancement for unparalleled control that may provide more single-session success

  • Physician-controlled rotational movement combined with a unique helical shape broadens the ZelanteDVT treatment area.
  • Allows for 330-degree sweeps within a vessel.
  • No maximum circumferential rotation provides greater rotational capability for greater vessel coverage or increased thrombus burden removal.​
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ZelanteDVT catheter

The AngioJet ZelanteDVT thrombectomy catheter is specifically designed to treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in large-diameter upper and lower peripheral veins ≥ 6 mm. ZelanteDVT is the most powerful thrombectomy catheter in the market-leading AngioJet portfolio.

The ZelanteDVT catheter makes it possible to quickly remove large thrombus burden in veins and restore blood flow, giving you the power to dominate DVTs.

  • Four times the thrombus-removal power of Solent™ Omni and Solent Proxi catheters**
  • Single inflow window for torqueable and directional thrombectomy power
  • Power Pulse™ enabled for infusion of physician-specified fluids, including thrombolytic agents
  • Inflow window indicator band

Solent Omni and Proxi catheters

The Solent Omni and Proxi catheters provide the power and flexibility to remove thrombus in veins ≥ 3 mm.  Power Pulse Delivery can infuse lytic into the clot. Contrast injection capability and guidewire exchange increase treatment efficiencies.


Venous catheter specifications

 ZelanteDVT Solent OmniSolent Proxi
System CompatibilityUltraUltraUltra
Vessel Diameter≥ 6 mm3 mm3 mm
Working Length105 cm120 cm90 cm
Shaft Diameter8 F6 F6 F
Double Marker Band15 mmN/AN/A
Guidewire Compatibility0.035”0.035"0.035"
Sheath Compatibility8 F6 F6 F

The need to more efficiently treat large vein thrombosis

The Need to More Efficiently Treat Large Vein Thrombosis

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Expert panel discussion on DVT

An Expert Panel Discussion on DVT

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AV Access Thrombectomy

Thrombus narrowing or restricting flow within AV access fistulas and grafts can prevent a patient from undergoing life supportive dialysis treatment. 

Used for thrombectomy of both synthetic grafts and natural fistulae, the AngioJet System utilizes powerful Cross-Stream technology to remove thrombotic materials from the dialysis access conduit with minimal vessel wall trauma, potentially decreasing the risk for future thrombotic events. 

Catheters with AV access indication include: AVX™, Solent Proxi and Solent Omni 


Clinical data

The AngioJet™ Thrombectomy System provides the power and flexibility to remove venous thrombus and restore flow in the most challenging of DVT cases.

For deep vein thrombosis cases, the PEARL Registry data demonstrated

  • 34% of patients were treated in a single session
  • 75% of procedures were completed in < 24 hours
  • Less total lytic dose for treating DVT when using PowerPulse/Rapid Lysis (with/without CDT) versus CDT alone.

Learn more about the PEARL Registry

AngioJet ZelanteDVT was not studied in the PEARL Registry. Presented by Dr. Mark Garcia at CIRSE 2013; Final PEARL Data Aug 2013

**When compared to current AngioJet catheters. Bench test data on file. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

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