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Thrombectomy Systems

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  • ANGIOJET™ Peripheral Thrombectomy System

    The AngioJet Thrombectomy System is a pharmacomechanical peripheral thrombectomy device with active aspiration and Power Pulse™ lytic delivery designed to treat the widest range of thrombosed vessels, rapidly restoring blood flow.

    1. Vascular Surgery
    2. Interventional Radiology
  • ANGIOJET™ Ultra Coronary Thrombectomy System

    The ANGIOJET Ultra Thrombectomy System is a mechanical thrombectomy device for PCI patients with large thrombus burden and the ONLY FDA-approved mechanical thrombectomy device for removal of thrombus in coronary arteries. The system is designed to mechanically restore blood flow of patients with thrombosed arteries.

    1. Interventional Cardiology
  • EKOS™ Endovascular System

    Introducing EKOS+
    Same procedure, now 50% more powerful1

    With 50% more ultrasound power and 32% more lysis than EKOS1, the new EKOS+ catheter builds on the EKOS legacy. It provides physicians more confidence to efficiently treat PE patients with lower lytic doses.

    1. Peripheral Interventions
    2. Vascular Surgery
    3. Interventional Radiology