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Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

Mega Strength

Current DES were designed for balanced performance - to be workhorse DES for all cases. SYNERGY MEGATRON is purpose-built with features specifically for large vessel stenting.

Mega Strength. Optimal Healing.



Why did we create SYNERGY MEGATRON?

High Radial Strength
Fibrotic lesions in the proximal position can be more resistant and require extra radial strength.
High Axial Strength
Maintaining stent integrity when adjunctive devices interact with the stent requires extra axial strength.
Larger Overexpansion Range
Size to the distal vessel and overexpand with confidence.
Optimized Scaffolding at Larger Diameters
Reduce lumen loss due to tissue prolapse.
Placement Accuracy
Better visibility to aid in accurate stent placement.

Product Details

12 Peak Design with Shorter Strut Length
For high radial strength, unmatched expansion and uniform vessel scaffolding.
4 Connectors on Proximal Two Segments
For exceptional axial strength.
3 Connectors Throughout the Body
For exceptional axial strength.
Versatile Stent Model
A single stent model, available in 3.5 mm - 5.0 mm diameters, that can overexpand to 6.0 mm.
Optimized Strut Thickness and Width
For maximum visibility and radial strength.
Platinum Chromium (PtCr) Alloy
Specifically designed for coronary stents for visibility, radial strength and low recoil.
Product Details diagram

Optimal Healing

Optimal Healing

Find out how synchronous drug elution and polymer absorption enables early healing.

SYNERGY Clinical Overview

SYNERGY Clinical Overview

Discover the clinical evidence on the SYNERGY™ BP Stent, including multiple short DAPT studies.

Product Overview

Product Overview

Discover best-in-class strength, unmatched overexpansion, maximum visibility and uniform lesion scaffolding.