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Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

Indicated for Use in High Bleeding Risk Patients with Short DAPT Labeling

Boston Scientific paved the way in studying short DAPT with the EVOLVE Short DAPT trial to evaluate the SYNERGY BP Stent, which was intentionally designed with a fast-absorbing polymer to enable short DAPT.

Treat with confidence. Heal with confidence.

Only with the SYNERGY BP Stent.


EVOLVE Short DAPT Trial*

The SYNERGY BP Stent can be safely used in conjunction with shortened DAPT in patients at high risk for bleeding (HBR), based on the results from the EVOLVE Short DAPT Trial. This trial data in conjunction with the HBR indication, provides important evidence to inform decisions about DAPT duration for this patient subset.

Studying 3-month DAPT in high bleeding risk patients

“These data better inform physicians as to how best to tailor the recommended duration of DAPT to the bleeding risk of the patients they treat.”

- Dr. Ajay Kirtane

Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories at Columbia University Irving Medical Center/New York-Presbyterian Hospital and principal investigator of the EVOLVE Short DAPT trial
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POEM Trial

The POEM trial evaluated the safety of SYNERGY with 1-month DAPT in HBR patients. At 1 year, SYNERGY with 1-month DAPT demonstrated a low rate of ischemic and bleeding events in an all-comers HBR patient population.†‡²

Average # of HBR criteria met per patient: 1.7



Additional Short DAPT Data

Boston Scientific continues to support short DAPT trials with over 5,000 patients to study the SYNERGY BP Stent. We know every patient needs individualized care. That is why we are supporting short DAPT studies in a variety of patient populations and DAPT durations. The SYNERGY BP Stent has shown exceptionally low ST rates across short DAPT trials:§


SENIOR Trial‡ ** ³

Studying 1-month DAPT in elderly patients 0% ST from 1-12 months

ASET Trial‡ ‡‡ 4

Studying 0-month DAPT patients with chronic stable angina 0% ST at 3-month




Hear more about the SYNERGY design & DAPT from Drs. Aloke Finn and Robert Yeh at TCT 2019

Hear more from Dr. Aloke Finn talking to Dr. Robert Yeh at TCT 2019
Video courtesy of TCTMD

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