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ICM Systems*

LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System
LUX-Dx™ ICM Device

LUX-Dx II+ ICM System provides clear signal quality, meaningful alerts, efficient workflows, and seamless patient connectivity.

Product details


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Focused on what matters

The LUX-Dx II+™ ICM System builds upon the advanced dual-stage algorithm and unparalleled signal quality—while adding enhanced detection algorithms and monitoring capabilities to help reduce false alerts, encourage patient compliance, and prioritize clinically actionable events.

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Simple choices for seamless connectivity


Powered by an intuitive downloadable myLUX Patient App and the RhythmCARE™ Assist service**, LUX-Dx II/II+ ICMs* are built for simplicity at every step along the patient journey.

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Technical specifications

Volume1.2 cm3
Mass3 g
Dimensions W X H X D7.2 mm x 44.8 mm x 4.0 mm
Surface Area of Can Electrode75.3 mm2
Surface Area of Header Electrode10.2 mm2
Battery Longevity3 years*

*3 years projected longevity, under the following usage scenarios:

  • Average of 1 auto-detected event per day
  • Average of 1 patient-initiated event per month
  • Less than or equal to 6 months shelf life between device manufacture and insertion
  • PVC Burden disabled


  • At the maximum shelf-storage time of 18 months, longevity is reduced by approximately 4 months

Download LUX-Dx II ICM product specs
Download LUX-Dx II+ ICM product specs  

Ordering Information

DescriptionModel Number
LUX-Dx™ II+ Insertable Cardiac MonitorM312
LUX-Dx™ II Insertable Cardiac MonitorM302
myLUX™ Patient Kit6385
LUX-Dx Clinic Assistant Kit with Mobile Device6256
myLUX™ Mobile Device7259
**Magnet model 6386 is an accessory used to initiate communication between the device and the mobile applications. It is available as a separately packaged accessssory in addition to being packaged with the 6256 LUX-Dx™ Clinic Assistant Kit with Mobile Device and in the 6385 myLUX™ Patient Kit.


Clinic app quick start guide

Insertion guide