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Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

The system is the solution

The LithoVue System is an all-in-one solution, the ideal choice for a wide range of clinical environments. And its workstation’s monitor with integrated image processing software is mounted on a compact, rolling mobile cart. You can use the complete LithoVue System alone during a procedure or connect it to your OR’s existing DVI monitors and recording systems.
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  • 270˚ deflection in both directions
  • 7.7F tip diameter
  • 9.5F [≤3.23mm] outer diameter
  • 3.6F ID working channel
  • Digital CMOS imager
  • Working distance of 2mm–50mm
  • Light source built into the handle
  • Flexible sheath
  • Integrated camera head
    – no secondary external attachments required
  • Compatible with laser lithotripsy
    – uses existing technologies and familiar surgical tools
  • Mobile cart for portability
  • All-in-one touchscreen PC
    – includes monitor workstation, image processing software
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