Boston Scientific’s penile implants treat erectile dysfunction
Boston Scientific’s penile implants treat erectile dysfunction. They are designed to be easy to use to achieve a natural and rigid erection to put one back in control of one’s sexual intimacy. Learn about how to live with a penile implant, including how it works, how to use it to achieve an erection and more.

Implant Procedure and Recovery

Learn more about erectile dysfunction, how the penile implant procedure works, what’s involved with the recovery process and the potential risks involved with having an implant.

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Using Your Penile Implant

Discover how the AMS 700™, AMS Ambicor™, Spectra™ and Tactra™ Penile Implants offer a solution for erectile dysfunction, how to use an implant and what risks are associated with a penile prosthetic implant.

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Find patient guides, penile implant demonstration videos and additional helpful resources for people living with a Boston Scientific penile implant.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about living with a penile implant, including MRI safety, resuming normal activities, going through airport security and more.

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Patient Story

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"'s working out
very, very well."

Penile Implant Patient


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