Procedures and Treatments

Bronchial Thermoplasty

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Bronchial Thermoplasty (BT), delivered by the Alair™ System, is a safe and minimally invasive outpatient procedure that provides a long-lasting reduction in asthma exacerbations for adult patients with severe asthma – now clinically proven out to 5 years. Learn About the BT Procedure

The Alair™ Bronchial Thermoplasty System

The Alair™ System delivers Bronchial Thermoplasty (BT), the first and only non-drug therapy for severe asthma.

Tracheobronchial Stents

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Boston Scientific brought to the market the first metal stent technology to help manage airway obstruction. Choose from a variety of high quality stents to help you achieve positive outcomes.

Ultraflex™ Tracheobronchial Stent System

The Ultraflex Tracheobronchial Stent System is provided sterile and is indicated for use in the treatment of tracheobronchial strictures produced by malignant neoplasms.

Diagnostic Devices

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Choose from a variety of pulmonary diagnostic devices, including forceps, cytology brushes, and transbronchial aspiration needles.

Radial Jaw™ 4 Pulmonary Single-Use Biopsy Forceps

The Radial Jaw 4 Pulmonary Biopsy Forceps are intended to collect tissue endoscopically for histologic examination, featuring a surgical stainless steel jaw with improved micromesh teeth for a clean bite.

Cellebrity™ Single-Use Cytology Brush

The Cellebrity Cytology Brush is indicated for acquiring tissue samples used for the diagnosis of suspected pathology in the airway tree.

eXcelon™ Transbronchial Aspiration Needle

The eXcelon Transbronchial Aspiration Needle is intended for use in aspiration in carinal, paratracheal, and hilar lesions of the bronchial tree where biopsy forceps cannot obtain a submucosal sample.

Therapeutic Devices

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Choose from a variety of high quality therapeutic devices including airway retrieval baskets and the first balloon dilator indicated for the airway.

CRE™ Single-Use Pulmonary Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The CRE Pulmonary Balloon Dilatation Catheter is intended to be used to endoscopically dilate strictures of the airway tree. As the first balloon indicated for the airway–it is designed with three-in-one technology and provides successive, gradual dilation of strictures.

Zero Tip™ Airway Retrieval Basket

The Zero Tip Airway Retrieval Basket is indicated to be used to endoscopically remove foreign bodies in the airway.