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Single-Use Cytology Brush

Cellebrity™ - Single-Use Cytology Brush
Bullet-shaped tip designed to help reduce tissue trauma

The Cellebrity Cytology Brush is indicated for acquiring tissue samples used for the diagnosis of suspected pathology in the airway tree.



Product Details

  • PTFE Sheath
    Designed to help reduce friction, facilitating passage through the scope

  • Bullet-Shaped Tip
    Designed to help reduce tissue trauma

  • Stainless Steel Wire Shaft
    Intended to provide strength to help resist kinking or bending during advancement

  • Ergonomic Handle
    • Ergonomic handle with automatic stop
    • Facilitates single-hand brush advancement and withdrawal
    • Helps reduce the risk of overwithdrawal and subsequent kinking of proximal shaft

Ordering Information

GTINOrder NumberProduct DescriptionRequired Working Channel (mm)
Bristle O.D. (mm)Sheath Length (cm)Units
08714729138983M00516001Cytology Brushes2.01.0140Box 10
08714729138990M00516011Cytology Brushes2.01.5140Box 10
08714729139089M00516071Cytology Brushes2.01.9100Box 10
08714729014003M00516151Cytology Brushes2.01.9150Box 10



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