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The iNod™ | Ultrasound Guidance System offers real-time visualization of peripheral nodule biopsies. The system includes the iNod™ | Ultrasound Guided Biopsy Needle and the iNod™ | Ultrasound Guidance Console.

Product Details

The iNod | Ultrasound Guidance System facilitates pulmonary needle biopsies with simultaneous real-time visualization using Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound (R-EBUS) into a single-use bronchoscopic device with a ramped needle, needle indicator, and rotatable shaft. The iNod | Ultrasound Guided Biopsy Needle is the first commercially available, single-use bronchoscopic device that provides real-time ultrasound visualization of a peripheral nodule biopsy. It has the ability to target smaller lesions (<2cm) adjacent to the R-EBUS probe and provide real-time visualization feedback to the physician during the biopsy procedure. This helps enable physicians to target endobronchial lesions, peripheral lung nodules, or lung masses and gain visual confirmation that the needle is in the nodule – in the desired location – during biopsy of a concentric or eccentric peripheral nodule.

Technology Overview

iNod | Ultrasound Guided Biopsy Needle

Single-use device backed by proven Boston Scientific needle technology:

  • Acquire™ needle biopsy device with Franseen tip design offers an internal diameter (ID) that matches the 25G Acquire™ EBUS with up to 2.5cm needle extension.
  • 30MHz R-EBUS transducer with needle indicator which provides technology to help physicians visualize peripheral nodules.
  • 11-deg needle ramp with braided rotatable shaft which enables real-time repositioning of needle to target both concentric and eccentric lesions.
  • 117cm working length which is designed for use with 2mm working channels.

iNod | Ultrasound Guidance Console

Mobile system with a footprint designed to help fit any procedure suite:

  • Real-time radial ultrasound generates and processes ultrasound signal to create a composite image of nodule cross-section.
  • Tablet-based user interface allows physicians to view and interact with images and measure lesion diameter.
  • Software plus HDMI output enables a streamlined workflow by integrating with procedure rooms and connecting to PACS and worklist servers.

Ordering Information

Order NumberGTINGTINPackaging
M0050206000191506020729iNod™ | Ultrasound Guided Biopsy NeedleBox 1
M0050321000191506020910iNod™ | Ultrasound Guidance ConsoleBox 1





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