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Dark area showing tumor against blue background.

TheraSphere™ Y-90 Glass Microspheres

Transplant candidacy

Help get HCC patients to transplant

TheraSphereTM Y-90 Glass Microspheres is the first and only FDA approved transarterial radiation therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), delivering targeted damage to the tumor, sparing healthy tissue, and preserving treatment options.

TheraSphere is an efficient and powerful therapy for HCC that safely delivers high-dose radiation which can:

  • Aid in achieving surgical candidacy
  • Preserve liver transplant eligibility
  • Support strong Overall Survival (OS) outcomes

Bridging and Downstaging

TheraSphere provides a strong local tumor response and has been studied in patients intended to downstage tumors for transplant or bridge within Milan criteria.


of patients bridged to transplant.1


of T3 patients downstaged to T22


of HCC patients showed complete or extensive tumor necrosis.1

Surgical options after treatment

Transplant surgeon Dr. Talia Baker uses TheraSphere with her HCC patients, like Nicole, to aid in achieving surgical candidacy.

Y-90 vs. other LRTs

Explore clinical data for Y-90 vs. other locoregional therapy (LRT) options

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Treatment center finder

Instantly locate treatment centers administering TheraSphere near you for your HCC patients.


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