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Obsidio™ Conformable Embolic

How to use Obsidio

Obsidio Embolic: 3-step deployment

No more waiting on the embolic. Obsidio Embolic is ready when you and the patient are, in three simple steps. Just remove and inspect the product, connect the syringe to the delivery catheter, and depress the plunger to deploy.

1. Prep: Remove carton from refrigerator; inspect package and pouched device, Remove syringe and transfer to sterile field; inspect for air bubbles, Remove cap and expel air at the top. 2. Load: Connect syringe to delivery catheter using wet-to-wet technique. 3. Deploy: Depress syringe plunger to inject Obsidio Embolic through the delivery catheter.

Obsidio Embolic setup and deployment

Watch this 01:18 video to see how Obsidio Embolic ensures procedural ease, with virtually no prep time and no ancillary devices, mixing, or shaking required. 

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