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Obsidio™ Conformable Embolic

About Obsidio

About Obsidio™ Conformable Embolic

Obsidio Conformable Embolic is a 510(k) cleared device with shear-thinning technology, the first embolic of its kind to have a specific on-label indication for peripheral use in the U.S. Obsidio Embolic is indicated for use in the embolization of hypervascular tumors and blood vessels to occlude blood flow for controlling bleeding/hemorrhaging in the peripheral vasculature.

Obsidio Conformable Embolic syringe.

How does Obsidio Embolic work?

Four non-toxic ingredients, packaged in a 1 mL (1 cc) ready-to-use syringe, combine via a process called shear thinning to occlude the vessel. Watch how the process works. 

How is Obsidio Embolic different?

Unlike liquid embolics, Obsidio brings easy prep, controlled delivery, and an improved patient experience.

Comparison chart showing Obsidio features the following, while liquid embolics do not: Rapid Hemostasis: Occludes in seconds, Easy Preparation: Pre-mixed 1mL syringes, Time Insensitive: Non-adhesive, no entrapment risk, Enhanced Visualization: No CT artifacts, Controlled Delivery: Start-and-stop via shear thinning, Patient Experience: No pain or odor, Retractable/Repositionable: Ability to reposition the embolic liquid.
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