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Gloved hand administering Obsidio Conformable Embolic.

Obsidio™ Conformable Embolic


Obsidio First-in-Human Clinical Study: evaluation of Obsidio Embolic safety and performance

Overview – A single-center study* sought to evaluate the safety and performance of Obsidio Conformable Embolic (OCE) in patients requiring vascular embolization for hypervascular renal tumors.

Objectives – The study sought to demonstrate that Obsidio Embolic could be delivered safely, occludes the artery where deposited without migration, and does not lead to a change in standard blood tests.

Results – Obsidio Embolic achieved the absence of flow in the blood vessels of tumors, with embolization demonstrated to be durable without migration at Day 7.

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Medical scans showing arteries before and after with Obsidio, delivery achieving absence of flow in the blood vessel of tumor and no migration of Obsidio Embolic (Day 7).

Pre-clinical embolization procedure with Obsidio Conformable Embolic

View the deployment of Obsidio Embolic in the Left Renal Artery. 

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* Obsidio Conformable Embolic Performance Testing