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Close-up of Embold Detachable Coil System against black background. Close-up of Embold Detachable Coil System.

EMBOLD™ Detachable Coil System

Features and benefits

Discover the capabilities of the EMBOLD Fibered Coil, designed to simplify the complex.

Embold functionality matters

Less decision-making, more decisiveness. Less complexity, more customization.

Take simplicity to an entirely new level with Embold, a highly thrombogenic,1 purpose-built coil designed to maximize procedural flexibility and reliability.

Embold anatomical animation

Get a close-up view of what makes the Embold Detachable Coil System simple by design.

Capabilities and impact

The Embold Coil features multi-catheter compatibility to lessen procedure time and complexity; a nitinol delivery system that’s resistant to kinking and premature detachment; handle-free detachment to reduce procedure steps and cost; and occlusion power for more certainty. Download product brochure

Multi-catheter compatibility

Kinkless performance

Handle-free detachment 

Best-in-class occlusion power

Multi-catheter compatibility

Close-up of Embold Detachable Coil System's single coil against black background.

Choose without hesitation

A single coil designed to do the job of many. A single coil made to eliminate the choices that weigh you down. A single coil that could streamline inventory. By accommodating microcatheters from .021"-.027" ID sizes, procedures run smoother. Fewer exchanges. Fewer complications. Watch multi-catheter compatibility animation

Kinkless performance

Close-up of Embold Detachable Coil System's nitinol delivery system against black background.

Glide through tortuous anatomy

Now every move is a natural extension of you. Now you have more control in the palm of your hands. With Embold’s nitinol delivery system, you can make swift, precise moves that ensure life-changing outcomes in the most challenging anatomies. See a kinking comparison animation.

Handle-free detachment

Close-up of Embold Detachable Coil System's handle-free detachment against black background.

Save time during procedures

Embold’s handle-free detachment was engineered with a clearly marked breakpoint for intuitive use, and eliminates the need for an ancillary device and saves time and cost during the procedure. Watch a handle-free detachment animation

Best-in-class occlusion power

Close-up of Embold Detachable Coil System's thrombogenic coil with PET fibers against black background.

More certainty in every outcome

Now you can track with ease, pack with confidence and occlude with precision thanks to a dense network of PET fibers and the highest metal volume of any .021” ID microcatheter compatible coil. The most thrombogenic coil in its class, Embold provides a durable occlusion faster, and is purpose-built for best-in-class efficiency.2 Watch an occlusion power animation

Ordering information

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Embold product details

Get technical specifications, indications for use, and ordering information.


1. Thrombogenicity in a pre-clinical model: testing results from bovine blood flow loop. Occlusion time is an average of a single 6 x 20 coil from each manufacturer performed three times. Bench Test or pre-clinical study results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

2. The testing was performed by or on behalf of BSC. Data on file.