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EMBOLD™ Soft Coil

See the unique benefits of the Embold Soft Coil that make it easy to use. 

Hard to reach anatomy? Easy.

The Embold Soft Coil is designed to embolize tortuous anatomy and small vessels, while avoiding catheter kickback and premature deployment.

  • Designed in unique lengths for procedural flexibility
  • Has exceptional trackability
  • Has lower to equivalent softness to competitors
A graph showing the average force to pack 4 cm coil into a 1.8 ID tube to 50%. Prestige Plus required 0.7 grams of force, Embold Soft required 1.1 grams of force, Concerto required 1.4 grams of force, Ruby LP required 2.1 grams of force and Ruby Soft required 3.7 grams of force. Prestige Plus, Embold Soft, Conterto, and Ruby LP are clinically similar.

2x4 coils; 1.8 mm ID tube. Bench Test study results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. 

The power of precision. The simplicity of one portfolio.

And like all the coils in the EMBOLD™ Detachable Coil System, the Embold Soft Coil features kinkless performance, multi-catheter compatibility, handle-free detachment, and best-in-class occlusion1.

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About the Embold Detachable Coil System

Three coils. Any case. 


1. The testing was performed by or on behalf of BSC. Data on file.