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Embold coils wrapped in circles with blue, purple and green glow around each coil.

About the EMBOLD™ Detachable Coil System

Explore the features and benefits of the Embold Detachable Coil System, composed of just three coils to tackle any case. 

All the coils you need. Made simple by design. 

  • Versatility with the Embold™ Fibered Coil
  • High-density with the Embold™ Packing Coil
  • Reliability with the Embold™ Soft Coil

One coil system for every case, every occlusion. 

Multi-catheter compatibility

Accommodates .021” to .027” ID microcatheters. Fewer exchanges. Fewer complications.

Blue icon of section of coil from Embold Detachable Coil System.

Kinkless performance

Nitinol delivery system to ensure kinkless performance and resistance to premature detachment and mal deployment.

Blue icon of stopwatch.

Best-in-class occlusion power

The most occlusion power in its class, Embold coils feature the highest metal volume of any .021” ID compatible platform and is purpose built for exceptional deliverability.1

Blue icon of hand with palm outward.

Handle-free detachment

Intuitive detachment provides complete control; and reduces procedure steps and cost.

icon of coil and half circle.

Versatility in one coil

Embold Fibered Coil
This highly thrombogenic coil is built to maximize procedural flexibility and reliability.

Embold packing coil  icon

High-density pack

Embold Packing Coil
Pack-to-black with ease. A high-volume coil that packs densely and conforms to any vessel.2

Embold soft coil.

Reliable distal occlusion

Embold Soft Coil
Designed to embolize torturous anatomy and small vessels, while avoiding catheter kickback and premature detachment. 

Embold coils drive value.

Increase operational efficiencies

Reduce the number of coils on the shelf by half with one platform consisting of just three coils for all cases.

Improve financial health

Embold’s multi-catheter compatibility simplifies inventory, reorder process, training, and workflow. Additionally, Embold’s handle-free detachment eliminates the need for an ancillary device and saves time and cost during the procedure.

Strengthen quality outcomes

The most thrombogenic, fully retractable coils, Embold reduces the number of coils needed during the procedure. Nitinol delivery system resists kinking and reduces the risk of premature coil detachment.

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Ready to learn more?

Talk to an Embold coil consultant.

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Explore the resource library

Browse case studies, physician testimonials, animations, and much more to learn about the Embold Detachable Coil System.


1. Thrombogenicity in a pre-clinical model: testing results from bovine blood flow loop. Occlusion time is an average of a single 6 x 20 coil from each manufacturer performed three times. Bench Test or pre-clinical study results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

2. The testing was performed by or on behalf of BSC. Data on file.