Procedures & Treatments

On May 12, 2020, Minerva Surgical, Inc, acquired the following Intrauterine Health products from Boston Scientific: the Symphion™ Tissue Removal System; the Resectr™ Tissue Resection Device; and the Genesys HTA™ System.  For more information, please visit Minerva Surgical or email

Endometrial Ablation

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Endometrial ablation is a procedure often used to treat menorrhagia. By ablating or destroying a thin layer of the endometrium (e.g., uterine lining), menstrual flow may be stopped or reduced significantly.1

Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal

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Hysteroscopic tissue removal, also known as myomectomy or polypectomy, is a minimally invasive option to remove abnormal uterine growths, such as fibroids and polyps. As a minimally invasive technique, no incisions are needed and recovery is typically short.